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Below is a selection of some of the films and videos made by Blake Hutchison for Sansevieria Media Group between 2007 and 2018. This is neither, nor should it be construed to be a complete list. He's actually got over 140 videos on his YouTube channel alone over the years, not counting the ones still on the old channel we still maintain. WARNING: Some videos may not be safe for work or school. Film School English is often spoken in Blake's work!

What This Straight Ally Did For Pride Day (2018)

Possibly Breaking a Dumb Law in Marion, Ohio


Doki Slap! (2016)

The Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Anti-Spanking Argument (2015)

Vigilante Sayonara (2014)

First Day of Spring in Ohio (2018)

Not Naming Names... (2017)

Tallscreen Videos Suck (2016)

Enjoy The Show (2014)

Wyatt and the Matchmaker (2007)  

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